Looking for a good reason to choose SHEDSPAN? Lets start with these 5.

Choosing a company to supply your new shed is a big decision. So here are 5 good reasons to choose SHEDSPAN, not just as your shed supplier, but as your project partner that is here to step you through the details and make your job easy.

01 – Streamlined Process

Because we offer ‘manufacturer direct’ integrated concept-to-delivery solutions, we are able to seamlessly deliver your shed whilst also reducing lead times, costs and stress.

02 – Faster Delivery

Our unique project management focus ensures on-time delivery. No delays. No unnecessary impact on your project, your operations or bottom line.

03 – SHEDSPAN Lifetime Guarantee

All of our sheds and buildings come with the unique ‘SHEDSPAN Lifetime Guarantee’.


04 – SHEDSPAN delivers anywhere

We supply sheds anywhere and everywhere – whether your site is in a capital city or in the remotest corner of the country, SHEDSPAN is ready to provide a solution for your particular project.

05 – We make your life easier

Investing in a shed for your project is a long term investment and can be a stressful experience, we are dedicated to giving you an ‘effortless experience’ by providing a seamless concept-to-delivery service and all the information that you need to make an educated decision.

We aim to reduce your anxiety, as well as your costs. Full elevation drawings, and all optional accessories that you want on your shed are included in your proposal along with a detailed scope of works. We have all this detail and full engineered drawings prepared for your project kick-off before you even spend 1 dollar.


There are many more reasons that makes SHEDSPAN your supplier of choice – please click through to find out more about what we do or our capabilities. Alternatively, talk to us about your requirements, or request a free quote online.

The SHEDSPAN team look forward to assisting your project.