November 22, 2016

SHEDSPAN enters the Western Australian market

SHEDSPAN has been developing unique supply systems since our parent company AUSPAN started out in 2009 – as part of AUSPAN’s growth the SHEDSPAN brand of premium cold formed steel sheds was launched during 2016 with a tag line of ‘TOUGH SHEDS ASSEMBLED EASY’ which communicates the key focus that our supply system has been built to meet.

SHEDSPAN has been tailored to meet the growing needs of todays market, whether it be a requirement for a small, medium or large shed for any industry – we offer a genuine and simple choice direct from the manufacturer. Our clients have the flexibility of finding the perfect solution from one of our 4 categories:


  • HOMESPAN – for all your residential shed needs
  • WORKSPAN – for all your industrial shed needs
  • FARMSPAN – for all your agricultural shed needs
  • EQUINESPAN – for all your equestrian shed needs


One of SHEDSPAN’s key differentiators in today’s market is that we have our own manufacturing arm which supplies the key components required for all of our sheds. Because of this integrated concept-to-delivery solution, we are able to seamlessly deliver your shed whilst also reducing your lead times & costs.

All of our buildings are fully engineered including the full range of design categories of Australia including Cyclonic Wind Regions A through to D to suit your specific site requirements. Full elevation drawings, and all optional accessories that you want on your shed are included in your proposal along with a detailed scope of works. We have all this detail and full engineered drawings prepared for your project kick-off before you even spend 1 dollar.

Please click through to our website  to check out our HOMESPAN, WORKSPAN, FARMSPAN or EQUINESPAN range or step straight up to contact us to get the ball rolling for the design & pricing of your project.