The SHEDSPAN story. More than just shed suppliers.

SHEDSPAN has been developing unique supply systems since our parent company AUSPAN started out in 2009 – AUSPAN has successfully grown to become one of Australia’s leading brands in structural steel frame construction, spearheading a new, more streamlined and cost-effective era in design and construction here in Australia.

As part of this growth the SHEDSPAN brand of premium cold formed steel sheds was launched during 2016 with a tag line of ‘TOUGH SHEDS ASSEMBLED EASY’ which communicates the key focus that our supply system has been built to meet.

Real growth built on real values

Like most successful and growing businesses, our success is built on the relationships we’ve developed – firstly with the dedicated SHEDSPAN team, with our network of suppliers, and of course, our clients.

These relationships are, in turn, built on the 4 core principles of:

  • We say what we do, and do what we say.
  • We adhere to the highest moral principles and professional standards.
  • We fulfill our duties responsibly.
  • We deliver on our promises and exceed peoples expectations.


SHEDSPAN has been tailored to meet the growing needs of today’s market, whether it be a requirement for a small, medium or large shed for any industry – we offer a genuine and simple choice direct from the manufacturer. Our clients have the flexibility of finding the perfect solution from one of our 4 categories:


  • URBANSPAN – for all your residential shed needs
  • TRADESPAN – for all your industrial shed needs
  • EQUINESPAN – for all your equestrian shed needs
  • FARMSPAN – for all your agricultural shed needs

From our integrated in-house design & manufacturing through to our supply chain and logistics expertise, we’re continually innovating and evolving our capabilities and systems to provide better, faster and more efficient solutions throughout Australia.

SHEDSPAN tomorrow

Our progressive approach to embracing and developing new technologies and techniques has established SHEDSPAN as the cold formed steel sheds partner of choice  – tomorrows SHEDSPAN is the ‘top of mind’ brand that offers ‘TOUGH SHEDS ASSEMBLED EASY’ to clients across Australia and beyond.

For us, it isn’t simply about supplying a shed. It’s about developing a sustainable supply solution that meets the market’s unique requirements – today, tomorrow and into the future. And it’s about delivering that solution as seamlessly as possible to our clients, reducing lead times, costs and stress.


Find out more about what we do and why clients choose SHEDSPAN to supply their cold formed steel sheds.

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